Saturday, September 24, 2011

Best Assessment Tool Ever

For those of you that do not know about ESGI you have got to check it out.  This software is by far the BEST thing I have used in my classroom to assess students. 

The kids meet with me one-on-one at the computer and in a matter of minutes I can assess my whole class on both Literacy and Math Skills.  When I'm finished I am able to immediately see the strengths and weakness of EACH child in my class.

Parents love the flash cards I can print out and I love that I can create my own assessments in addition to the FABULOUS ones that have already been created.

Click on the ESGI button in my sidebar to check out this GREAT site or click here to check them out!

You will not be disappointed!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where Have I Been??

I've been blogstalking.  How sad that there are soooo many awesome teacher blogs out there that I can't even pry myself away from them to post on my own blog. 
Pathetic!  Sad! 

Well I'm turning over a new leaf........(I hope).....I will only stalk you great ladies if I post to my own site first! (yah, right the hubby says)

Of course I know I'm not the only one out there.  Admit it, you know who you are....sitting in front of the computer for hours on end, drink of choice in hand, lesson plans and papers neglected once again in search of just one more AMAZING idea! 

So.......I just want to know HOW do all you AMAZING teacher/bloggers do it?  Please share, I'd love to hear how you manage your time,  because I must need a 12 step program.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Watch the Eagle Cam!

I'm so EXCITED about this!  I'm not even taking the time to upload photos of this.  My aunt lives in Iowa and she called to tell me about this site. 

Go the  then click on "bird cams".  It will bring up a page when you can observe an eagle's nest LIVE.  She said earlier today one of the eagles brought a rabbit to the nest!  I checked a few minutes ago and of course it was sleeping, but at 36 degrees I would be too.

There a 2 eagles and they are nesting 3 eggs.  The eggs are expected to hatch around April 1.  How cool would this be for the kiddos at school.

The nest is in Decorah, Iowa.  You can read more facts on the webcam site. 

Hope you and your kiddos enjoy this! 


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I actually take showers!

I LOVE teaching K, the things that come out of their mouths can totally change my mornings.  They have an honesty that is unlike anything else in this world.  So here is a giggle for you.......

I normally spend way too much time wrestling with that lovely invention called the "flat iron", however on one particularly dreary morning I decided to forgo the struggle.

Now my hair will turn into something that resembles a scraggly damp mop when there is any amount of humidity/moisture in the air; no matter how incredibly flat I manage to get it.  So on this dreary morning I decided not to waste my time, but did not want to be a total "mop head", so I added my trusty standby of mousse and proceed to scrunch my mop head to squiggly perfection.

I left the house feeling rather pleased with my work even though I was dreading the yucky day.

As I stood in my door greeting the kiddos that morning,  one precious little tot came down the hall arms full with a tote bag, lunch box and jacket.... our eyes met......

I smiled and gave the usual "good morning".......he stopped dead in the hallway......eyes rather large......pointed at my lovely hair and with the cutest smile ever said...............

"Hey Mrs. took a bath last night."

Go ahead laugh.....that is Kindergarten at it's finest.   But between you and me................

I actually prefer the shower.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Deanna Jump Giveaway

Go to Amanda's site One Extra Degree and follow her giveaway instructions.  You just might be able to win 2 great units from the one and only Deanna Jump!  If you don't know who this is.....get out from under your rock and check out this giveaway!  You won't want to pass this up!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Hoppy Giveaway from Shannon

I just found this really cool blog plus a giveaway!!    Go check out Shannon's blog

               Kindergarten Hoppenings 

 She is giving away a great little stash of St. Patrick's Day stuff that you will want for your class.
 Go ahead .....hop on over!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Get Your Cute Blog Design

Want an AWESOME cute blog like mine????  You have got to visit Teacher Gone Techie now!  She has premade blog templates that are sooooo cute and I love, love some cute!

For those of you like me, who can completely go from cute to Frankenstein in a few short deletes to HTML codes.....this is well worth the SMALL amount of moola I had to say good-bye to.

For the price of an arguement ceasing trip to McDonald's for the 2 youngest of my kiddos, I got this ROCKIN' cute blog! (Plus some really helpful tips thrown in from Kristen)

I am totally lovin' my blog.....and I suggest you feed the munchkins PB&J and take that McDonald's money to Teacher Gone Techie and get you a super cute blog design.  Just don't get cuter than me!

AND......when you're done be sure to check out her awesome blog ya'll.