Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I actually take showers!

I LOVE teaching K, the things that come out of their mouths can totally change my mornings.  They have an honesty that is unlike anything else in this world.  So here is a giggle for you.......

I normally spend way too much time wrestling with that lovely invention called the "flat iron", however on one particularly dreary morning I decided to forgo the struggle.

Now my hair will turn into something that resembles a scraggly damp mop when there is any amount of humidity/moisture in the air; no matter how incredibly flat I manage to get it.  So on this dreary morning I decided not to waste my time, but did not want to be a total "mop head", so I added my trusty standby of mousse and proceed to scrunch my mop head to squiggly perfection.

I left the house feeling rather pleased with my work even though I was dreading the yucky day.

As I stood in my door greeting the kiddos that morning,  one precious little tot came down the hall arms full with a tote bag, lunch box and jacket.... our eyes met......

I smiled and gave the usual "good morning".......he stopped dead in the hallway......eyes rather large......pointed at my lovely hair and with the cutest smile ever said...............

"Hey Mrs. Reid.........you took a bath last night."

Go ahead laugh.....that is Kindergarten at it's finest.   But between you and me................

I actually prefer the shower.

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  1. Typically, I will straighten my hair after the shower, but on some occasions I will let it fly free (and I mean frizzy/curly/straight at the same time!) For some strange reason, my firsties always find that hair pretty. I HATE it! At least they are super sweet about it.

    Then, they'll ask me why my nose is so big!